Used Ford Edge – How To Improve The Gas Mileage On My Ford Edge

Used Ford Edge

The used Ford Edge is a small Sports Utility Vehicle that comes with a V6 engine designed to operate well on the highway. Currently, there are four new 2013 models available: (1) Ford Edge SE, (2) Ford Edge SEL, (3) Ford Edge Limited, and (4) Ford Edge Sport. Tests on the Ford Edge confirm that owners can get up to twenty-five miles per gallon out of the gas engine. However, gas mileage can decline over time if you do not care for your Ford Edge. Depending on the car’s history, The following tips can help you keep your vehicle in great shape and get the most bang for your buck.

Used Ford Edge

The first step to improve the gas mileage on your Ford Edge is to remove any excess weight you have in the vehicle. You may not know it, but adding furniture or large items in the back of a car causes the car to work harder. Think of the car as being similar to an individual: when an individual adds extra weight onto his or her already stressed heart, the individual’s heart must pump harder and work harder to accommodate for the weight increase. As a result, the stress and strain on the heart causes the individual’s speed and energy to decrease. It is no different with a car such as the Ford Edge. When extra weight is packed onto the car, the vehicle must work harder to accommodate the weight—which slows down the vehicle’s gas mileage. If you work to remove the excess weight, you can keep your car running as smoothly as possible.

The next step to improve the gas mileage on your Ford Edge is to examine your driving style. When you make abrupt stops, speed up quickly, or stop quickly on the highway, your driving affects your vehicle. The vehicle wastes gas when it has to pull large amounts of energy into abrupt stops. For instance, when you leave a gas station, do not speed off quickly; instead, increase your speed slightly and gradually as you head back onto the highway. Plan the times on the road when you intend to stop so as not to stop abruptly. The excitement of fast stops and quick speeds is too much for your vehicle to stand.

Another step to improve the gas mileage on your Ford Edge is to have an oil change at every three-thousand miles. When you do not have your oil changed, your oil turns old, rubs against other car parts, and creates more friction and stress than normal. Although this is an invisible killer of sorts, the friction of car parts and sticky oil will add further stress to your car, decreasing your gas mileage. It is best to get an oil change when your local mechanics shop requests it—or you could find yourself looking for another vehicle a lot sooner than you expected.

Lastly, to improve the gas mileage on your Ford Edge, you should moderate the amount of fresh air and air conditioner you allow into the vehicle. When you open the windows to bring in fresh air, you pull down the air conditioner and the car mileage and gas amounts. When you operate the air conditioner, you also pull down the gas mileage and current gas amount on your vehicle. When an air conditioner is running alongside of the engine, the extra stress leads to an even more reduced gas mileage. Simply put, you must learn how to use the outdoor air and air conditioner in moderation. If you overdo either of these air sources, you could find yourself at more gas stops than you want to see.

There are a number of used Ford Edge models that you can choose from at your local Ford dealership. One of the used Ford Edge models available is a used Ford Edge Limited for sale. lists five, pre-owned, Edge Limited models available. A used 2011 Edge Limited is located in Silver Spring, MD, costs $31,434, and has 29,227 miles on the vehicle currently. A 2010 Edge Limited vehicle is located in Columbia, MD, has 15,632 miles on the vehicle and costs $29,999 miles. There are three used 2011 Limited models, a used 2010 Limited model, and a used 2008 model. These used models cost anywhere from $24,000 to $31,500.

If you would like to own a used 2007 Ford Edge, look no further than At the Motor Trend site, there are three pages of 2007 Ford Edge vehicles that are for sale currently. Edge SE, Edge SEL, and Edge SEL Plus models align the pages. Used 2007 Edge models cost anywhere from $15,000-$23,000 and can be found in Maryland, Virginia, and even Pennsylvania along the Eastern seaboard. The used Ford Edge 2008 models at run anywhere from $17,000-$28,500 and can be found in Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. There is a used 2008 model at the Ford dealership site that costs $21,900. Used Ford Edge 2009 models are available at the Ford dealership site and can run anywhere from $18,900-$31,995. Used Ford Edge 2010 models, another car still in Ford stock, costs anywhere from $19,995-$29,999.

Used Fords that are still in Ford stock and in well-kept condition tend to retain their top price—although potential buyers can discuss buying options and even negotiate the price with the Ford dealership based on his or her credit. Some excellent advice for potential Ford buyers of old, used models (such as a 2007) is to go with places like and find an independent seller from which to purchase your Ford. If you want a deal you can trust, however, business with the Ford dealership is your path to take.

Your used Edge model does not have to be a beaten-down car because it is used. Even used cars can retain their luster and shine and operate marvelously. Watching out for gas mileage and the excess car weight that can diminish it are priorities that will help your car operate for a long time. Cars that remain in healthy condition will run longer than cars that are not well-preserved—and your used Ford Edge will save you from a new purchase all too soon.

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